Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Not so scary

I tried moving up to $2/$4 limit holdem on to help earn Player Points faster. I had a good deal of trepidation, since I thought of $2/$4 as the beginning of Low Limits, as opposed to Micro Limits. I figured people who played $2/4 would be relatively good, a definite step up from the lower limits.

So far I have not found it all that different, which is a pleasant surprise. Last night I confirmed that there are still players at this limit that will occasionally do things to make you go, ".....huh??"

I am dealt Ah-2h in early position, so I decide to limp in and try to see the flop. Several calls, one raise, and three more calls before it gets back to me. Lots of players in the pot so I call the extra bet.

Flop is three more hearts. Woo! Just flopped the nuts! I have the feeling that I'll get plenty of callers, so I bet it. Several callers, then the guy to my right RAISES.

I actually paused here, puzzled. I checked the board. Yes, all hearts. My two cards are hearts. One is an ace. I have the nut flush. No pair on board. And this guy raised me?

I re-raise. One guy in middle position and the guy to my right call. Maybe my pause made me look indecisive, so they figure I am bluffing?

On the turn I check, and the MP guy raises. We end up capping it reraising back and forth, with the guy to my right calling the whole way.

I could swear that I have a big sign around my neck reading, "I have a flush! A big one!" But it's like these guys can't read.

At the river, MP pushes his last $4 in, and we both call. Still no pairs on the board so I am not worried, but damned curious what these guys are playing.

MP guy had 8s-7s, and made his straight when a 6 fell on the turn. Thus the raising war.

Guy to my right had two hearts for the flush... 10 high.

I think I might be all right at this level after all.

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Dak-Ind said...

have you tried poker at my stepdad plays there, and he gets in on freerolls that can wind you up on TV! its kind of neat (not being a spammer or anything... just thought you might enjoy it since you play hold em)