Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Where have I been?

I haven't been doing much worth blogging about recently. And it was disheartening to have my last big entry deleted because of some blogspot weirdness, so I haven't jumped back into the blogging fray.

Online poker blather: progress towards my goal of beating the $1/$2 limit game for 300BB is going... Well, let me make up a word that is the opposite of "swimmingly". That word is "drowningly".

I am rereading Small Stakes Holdem now, hoping I will find new understanding to help me improve my limit game. Some of the points are making more sense to me now and I am trying to use them to improve. It must just be that I have more experience now - SSHE the first time around confused me and may have hurt more than it helped. Now I am seeing more opportunities for improving even when I can tell I am not holding the best hand.

I just signed up for a rakeback program and switched my Full Tilt account to it, hoping to get some bit of money back for my play. The release of the Mac client for FTP won them a lot of points in my book. And when I only recently realized that PokerTracker can datamine observed tables on FTP, whoa...

The problem is that FTP has a smaller number of players, and I think most of those players are in the States. So when I get home from work and log on to play, it's 2-5am in North America and there are maybe 2 full ring tables on FTP at my limit. Ugh. Although among some of the chatter on 2+2 recently about the Party Poker changes, someone pointed out that fewer players on some of the sites he was playing meant he got to know the regular players and could build a good read on them. That's a nice way to look at it.

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