Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ten Years

From an article on Sheldon Adelson in the LV Review Journal:

"Our view is that many Asian markets are underpenetrated, but there really isn't nothing on the front burner," [Macquarie Capital gaming analyst] Simkins said. "We've been hearing about Japan for what, 10 years? There has been discussion about South Korea and increased chatter coming from Vietnam, but these things have a long gestation period."

Yeah, tell me about it. Still no other news. Maybe Japan will allow casinos before I die, maybe not.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I came here from Macau Tripping. Are you going to Macau in May? Hope you will stay at MGM.

I am not sure if it is ever going to be legalised in Japan. The rumours been going around for too long....

Anonymous said...

I played in this last is good and well organised...and free;
Hopefully you read this before 12noon on April 3rd!
I also just came back from Macau.....only 1 casino (Grand Lisboa) offers Texas Holdem and they have 8 tables now (just increased from 4, 2 weeks ago. Games are really soft so easy to make some money to pay for the trip!!
I played with you once in Bakuracho(sp?) about 9 or 10 months ago.....but havent made it there since due to work commitments....hope to be involved in something more local sometime soon!!

James said...

Macau Tripping visitor -- yeah, I am still hoping to go in May! I still have to pin down the training class I am supposed to attend in Hong Kong, and then will spend a few days in Macau after that. I really want to stay at the MGM at least a night or two, but it will depend on many things, like my budget and my family, who will be along. ^^

As for legalized gambling in Japan, if you read some of the earlier articles I have posted, the impression I get is they are slowly working their way towards legalizing it, but the key word is slow. Last I heard they wanted to call for a vote by this July or so, but it has been very quiet lately so I get the feeling that is not going to happen.

Neil -- hey, good to hear from you again! I have heard about the AJPC and I am planning to enter this time. I think my work firewall isn't blocking their web site so I should be able to sign up tomorrow noon, but if not, I live close enough to work to bike home for lunch and register from here. ;) I'll see you there!

Mike said...

With the better economy this might start moving even slower. The only way I could see it speeding up is if they think it can fund social security and schools.

I'm busy this weekend, it's my birthday, but I've got quite the poker itch lately.

Let me know if you keitai mail address has changed!

James said...

Mike - just sent you an email, hope you get it. If not, my home and keitai mail addresses have not changed.

I'm planning to go to the next Outsider's Cup on the 31st, which is going to be a long deepstack tourney, so let me know if you are interested. Details are at

Rupert said...


I'm currently a UK poker player/blogger considering moving to Japan for a year or two with my girlfriend and playing full time. Any useful info you could provide me with? :D

Even better if you could contact me that would be much appreciated -


Mike said...

James you still in Japan?

Book of Ra online spielen said...

Thanks for the infos sir...keep it up!