Tuesday, July 11, 2006

5位 - Fifth Place



Just a short update -- I entered the nightly 11pm tournament at the Caesars poker room, at the encouragement of Celica-san and Kazu-san from the JPPA. Kazu-san and several other Japanese players entered, but I managed to last until 5th place out of 115 entries, and took home a $403 prize. The buyin and addon was $70, so this was a good return.

When we got down to about 25 people, pretty much everyone else was a lot better than me, and were very advanced in their thinking and strategy. I was a short stack from about the time when we got down to 40-50 people, but I managed to hold on and get lucky and double-up when I needed to to stay in the game. I won a lot of races, or I would have been out a lot earlier.

It was a great experience, and very enlightening to see these good players and watch how they made their decisions, see the reads on their opponents, and listen to their conversations and thinking processes. I can tell I need a lot of practice, study, and thought, but I am planning to keep at in and become a better player, and maybe come back next year to actually play in the WSOP.

And the money didn't hurt either.

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