Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Almost there

Only a few more days until I leave for Vegas. I am excited and nervous to be meeting so many great poker bloggers and players. Surely I'll get along with someone.

I found a bounty for myself in the blogger tourney, even. I was hoping to find some cds or something from the Japanese band that Dr. Pauly wrote lyrics for - get him to autograph it and I'd earn quite a few suck-up points. Unfortunately my online searches didn't turn up much. I'll continue to keep my eyes open, but it's not going to happen by Friday.

Instead I got something that's related to Japan and poker players, likely of tickling the fancy of a good percent of those who'll be busting me out. I'm tempted to open it up myself and quality control check it, but naw, I will restrain myself.

Japanese players have been doing pretty well in the WSOP so far. Bluejay is keeping a blog for their performances in a special section on the JPPA web page. So far the three players have cashed for a bit less than $30,000. Not bad at all. One of the guys, with the handle of Zico, is a sharp-looking young Japanese guy in the playboy suit, tinted glasses, moussed hair and plenty of silver. I'd expect to see him either in a host club (not that I go to such places) or in Shibuya, macking on possibly underage schoolgirls. Instead he's looking cool at the WSOP and taking down almost-five figure paydays. Hopefully we'll see him on ESPN.

Bluejay himself hasn't cashed yet, and seems to be very annoyed at the fact. He went deep in one of the Omaha events last year, finishing 12th, as I recall, but busted out of the recent Omaha event early.

And me? I'm not playing in the WSOP. Don't be silly.

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