Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Annoying Idea

While we're on the subject of putting your opponents on tilt by annoying behavior...

I was thinking last night that there could be more done on the sunglasses front to avoid unwanted attention by other players. Greg Raymer's hologram glasses are a start, but what about something more... active?

I was actually picturing something like ringed by a circle of LEDs that would revolve in circles of shifting colors. (You'd have to shield them properly so the LEDs wouldn't be visible to the wearer and distract him or her too.) Or maybe a Times-square like marquee scrolling across the top of the glasses at forehead-level? Something like that - either something to actively discourage someone else from looking at the wearer, or distract them so much when they did look that they could not concentrate on the information they were looking for.

This morning I did a quick Google search and found that there are glasses with flashing LEDs on them already - here.

These are not quite what I was picturing, but oh GOD wouldn't these be annoying at the poker table?

I'm hoping that no one ever follows my particular train of thought any further. Will I fire up a downloaded ESPN WSOP episode one day and see some joker wearing a pair of these at the final table? Fuck, I hope not.

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