Friday, April 07, 2006

Another game!

I just saw on one of the Japanese poker blogger's page that there's a new place to play in town! A bar in Shibuya called "Bar Jack" is now doing poker tournaments every Tuesday night. Maybe next week I can hook up with Mike and go out there to check it out. It looks like a pretty nice place from the photos, and if they can appeal to young, hip Japanese folks (like you find in Shibuya), it will help poker catch on here in Japan.

The bar says they've become a member of the Japan Poker Enterprise Association, which I believe J.O., owner of Duke, started up. So far their web page lists three members, two of which are the bars that J.O. owns. But if a new bar is giving it a try and if it takes off, hopefully we'll see some more places to play spring up.

(Thanks to our friend at "Working at the Net Cafe - Poker Life" for pointing this out to me. If you read this post sometime, introduce youself to me next time we meet so I can find out who you are. ^^;;; )

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