Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Turn to Hymn 42...

I'm going to have to compose some songs of praise to the stock market gods if they keep this up. I'm enjoying fantasizing about quitting the day job, but I'm getting a bit scared that after another few months I might actually do it.

My girlfriend's cold has lingered, so I have not gone out for poker (or other reasons, even) over the last couple weekends. I have to watch her to make sure she doesn't get to any of the housework before I can cut her off. She's worn herself out a couple times doing chores, and prolonged her sickness. I think she's finally on an upswing, though, so maybe I can get out to Duke for some poker this weekend.

My playin the low $25 buyin NLHE tables on Full Tilt is going well, earning me back the funds I lost playing limit HE there. This cheers me up somewhat, and reminds me why I switched to NL in the first place. It still galls me that I continue to have these problems with limit HE, though. Do I just suck at this?

When I have a "Do I just suck at this?" week or so, what really cheers me up is to go play on the Bad Beat Jackpot tables on Party. Last night was a perfect example, doubling my $100 buy-in on one of the $2/$4 tables and doing wonders for my mood. If I'm going to play limit, I know the place to play it.

It seems like the best time to play on these tables is when the jackpot is relatively low, paradoxically. When it gets high, many of the tight-aggressive good players seem to show up, figuring that the odds are better. But when it's low, after it's recently been hit, you get the type of players who want that $70,000 jackpot regardess of what the odds are. Those are the kinds of players you want at your tables, calling down to the river with crap.

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