Thursday, March 30, 2006

Another good day!

No poker yesterday - spent my time being there for my sick GF and watching a lot of Japanese tv with her.

But, I have to repeat:

All hail the stock market gods! Praise them, praise them!

Last night was pretty much a repeat of the night before. Color me pleasantly shocked.

It won't continue (I am pretty sure) but it does help to get a couple of damn nice gains to hold me through the down times and mediocre times.

In poker, we tend to feel the pain of our losses strongly and the joy of our wins not so much. We feel bad more than we feel good. Damn it, especially if we're recreational players, let's make an effort to enjoy our wins! Yes, things may (and will) change; yes, let's not get too uppity; yes, the poker or market gods will smite us again one of these days, but let's thank them when they bless us! Soak in the sun while the weather is good! Rainy season is around the corner!

Today, I am smiling.

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