Monday, March 20, 2006

2006 JPC -- Next weekend!

My god, the 2006 JPC is this Saturday!

As I wrote before, several writers from Card Player Magazine, all friends of Bluejay, are coming out this week to play in the JPC and give talks and answer questions. Linda Johnson and Jan Fisher, who have come for JPC before, are returning, and this time around Mark Gregorich is attending as well.

Yesterday I logged onto the JPPA web page and registered to play. I won one of the Everest Cup tourneys a few months back (the iPod nano I received for first place almost never leaves my side), so I have the right to play. But the tournament fee is 10,000 yen, or around $85, which is the largest tourney buy-in I'll have ever put up. And I feel very much like dead money. But ah well, maybe I'll get lucky!

All this week I will be re-reading my Harrington volume 1 (and volume 2 if I get to it), and playing SNGs and small tourneys in the evening to try to prepare. I don't think it will make much difference, but it will be better than going in cold.

Friday night the Card Player guys will be doing some talks and Q&A, so I will try to make that session as well. The JPC starts at noon on Saturday, and will probably take most of the day. First place receives the custom 2006 JPC bracelet, and travel coupons worth 50,000yen. (Enough to put a decent dent into your next trip to Vegas.) Second through fifth pay out with travel coupons, down to 10,000yen for fifth. Me, I will be happy if I can outlast half the field.

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