Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A good day.

All hail the poker gods! Praise them, praise them!

The above statement is a hint that I will be mentioning good (for me) poker results and hoping not to be smited for my hubris.

My cautious return to NLHE has been going well so far. I've ended most sessions slightly ahead, and yesterday evening I managed a big score at a $25 table on Full Tilt. First I lucked out by going all-in with top set, getting called by a made straight, and sucking out for a full house. Embarassing, but I'll take it. Then several hands later, I hit top set again and baited another player all-in with nothing that I recall but two overcards. I won that hand and finished up with $60 profit on my $25 buyin. Whew. This is how I made that thousand bucks before. But can I keep it up?

All hail the stock market gods! Praise them, praise them!

In other news, the stock system that I have been playing with just had a very good day, and I made about $3000 as I slept last night. Woo! Hopefully I'll see a few more days like that one. If it keeps up, maybe I'll be able to quit the day job and stay at home all day playing poker. Without having to count on my highly questionable poker skills. ;)


ScurvyDog said...

Who needs the poker gods when the stock market gods are treating you that well.

I may post more on my blog in the future about this, but I'd be curious about your investing strategies, if you don't mind sharing such info. I think it'd be interesting to see the different strategies employed by poker players/gamblers, and if the willingess to gamble carries over and affects trading strategies, or if instead they're more methodical, etc.

James said...

The system I have been following since the beginning of the year is that of My father has been using it very successfully (like, six figures a year successfully) for the last year and half or so, and recommended it strongly to us sons, so I am giving it a try.

Short summary - buy stocks for good companies that have announced stock splits about 2 weeks before the split, and sell them about 1 week after the split. Use options to magnify the gains (and losses).

Not a lot of space for discussion here. Maybe set something up on kickered?