Thursday, October 20, 2005

Fifty People!

Just checked the JPPA web page, and they've now capped entries into the three games that Tony G will be playing in here, since they've hit 50 people. This is a LOT of people for the JPPA - I don't think the room will even seat that many! They've got four tables, as I recall, so I don't see how everyone is going to be able to play. Damn. I'll absolutely be on time for these, since my space will probably be gone if I'm late!

This is a pretty big turnout for a guy I had not heard of until this. Also for a guy that most comments I have read have described as kind of an obnoxious jerk. If I'm at his table, I might end up his primary verbal target since most of the JPPA player's can't handle languages other than Japanese too well. But I think I can take it. Since I'm not terribly familiar with the guy, he'll end up being an obnoxious guy at the table who plays good poker. I think I can handle that.

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