Saturday, October 29, 2005

Silly Boy

I had a good time at this morning's WWdN tourney on PokerStars. Didn't make any impressive showing, but for $10 I am happy just to enjoy myself with some familiar names and faces.

I think I played reasonably until the first break or so, then started to get a bit silly, leading to my undoing. The only two hands in particular I recall were:

  • Calling a somewhat short-stacked Iggy's all-in bet with my A-10. He had 2-2, and I managed to catch an ace to bust him. Woo!

  • A bit later, two other players go all-in, and I call with Ad-Qd. One had AJo, the other AQo. A Jack fell but no Queens, so it stung but I survived.

  • I don't remember my bust hand.

    I found Iggy again at the post-tourney ring game, and sat in. Maudie was there, striking fear into the hearts of men. JoeSpeaker as well. I was still feeling silly, and the low stakes lulled me into playing some stupid crap to gambool. Won some, lost some...

    What pushed me over the edge was getting 5-5 on the button. Maudie raises to me and I consider a call, then I notice I am down to $5.55. Weird, that's a lot of 5's. Then it hits me that I this makes five 5s! It's a sign! I must play the hand! I re-raise and Maudie pushes back with... a $5 raise! Another five! Of course I go all in - the stars are aligned!

    I won that hand and quite a few more similarly stupid ones over the next 30 minutes or so, finally finishing up at $24 after buying in for $10. My inner Discordian would never have forgiven me if I had folded all those fives. I had a good time throwing a bit of chaos into the game for a few orbits! I hope it didn't get too annoying for the other players, but if it did... well, you're all big boys and girls, I'm sure you can handle it.

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