Saturday, October 15, 2005


I was able to wake up early enough to make it to Wil Wheaton's impromptu tourney on PokerStars. All things considered, I would have made a better impression just by staying in bed.

It began at 5am Saturday morning, Tokyo time. I signed up on Thursday or so, figuring it would be good practice for the upcoming PokerStars blogger tourney. (Both for getting up at an extremely unpleasant hour of the morning, and general tournament practice.)

Results for take 1: I suck. I think I lasted all of ten minutes.

I wish I could blame the early hour for not playing my best, but fer crissakes, nothing can excuse my lousy play. Four or five hands in, I get AQs, raise it up and get called. Flop comes with a King and two cards, and I am first to act. I bet out to see where I stand, receive a heavy reraise, and I muck. I look down and half my stack is gone. Damn, how did that happen?

A few hands later, I limp in with K-8. Actually, I probably don't even need to continue for you to figure out how THAT one turned out. After the flop came with a King, followed by a big raise that would put me all-in, why did I call? Sheesh, if I didn't want to be in the tourney I should have just not signed up.

Tried to go back to bed afterwards, but couldn't sleep. Probably just disgusted at myself. Apparently I can't even handle sleep now.

Oh well. At least the followup next week will be three hours later. That should make it 8am Saturday morning, which will be a lot easier to wake up for. I'll do better next time, I promise. I can't do any worse.

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