Friday, October 07, 2005

Maybe no blogger tourney after all?

I keep logging in to PokerStars to see if the Blogger Tourney is showing up in my Private Tourneys tab, but nothing yet. I am starting to feel concerned. I suppose that it could be:

  • I did something wrong and my entry was not processed

  • They just haven't got to my blog to check it yet. After all, it sounds like there are hundreds of entries so far.

  • Or maybe my poor blog just doesn't measure up. I knew I shoulda been posting more often, but you know, moving and a hell couple weeks at the day job kinda made that hard to do.

    Oh well. I'll keep checking. I'm using PokerStars to practice Omaha and Hi-Lo games for their super-low stakes anyhow. I was pretty pleased when I made about a $10 profit at the $.02/$04 Omaha tables the other night.

    I got a few poker books from Amazon the other day, and I'm nearly finished with Barry Greenstein's Ace On The River. Very enjoyable read, gorgeous photographs. I'm working through the "how do you play this situation?" quizzes at the end slowly, trying to think each one through as best I can. I answered the first four or five very close to BG's recommendations, but sometimes for different reasons. It was still encouraging. I'm not matching up with his plays near so much in the later quizzes, though. I think it must be because:

  • I did the first quizzes immediately after reading the earlier sections of his book, so I was more in the proper mindframe. The later quizzes I have done later, so I open up the book and do another quiz, so maybe the Poker Brain is not warmed up yet.

  • Maybe I just suck.
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