Monday, January 16, 2006

2006 Japan Poker Championship

The JPPA Web Site has information up about the upcoming 2006 Japan Poker Championship ("JPC"). I guess the Japan Series of Poker just wasn't enough.

Coming up on March 25, the buy-in is an unprecedented 10,000 yen! (Let's call it around a hundred bucks... I always just lop off the last couple zeroes to make things easy.) Even the buyin for the last JSOP main event game was only something like 5,000 yen, so this is serious money! (Relatively speaking.)

What's more, if I am reading this right then entry will be restricted to players who have either:

  • Won one of the JPPA tournaments since March 11, 2005
  • Made it to the final table of the 2005 JPC

    Let's see... that rules me out! Although I did win an Everest Cup (and my beloved iPod nano) that one time, I've never got close to winning one of the JPPA's regular "Hops", "Steps", or "Jumps" games.

    But there is still hope for wannabes like me. On March 22, there will be a Super Satellite for the JPC! I'm not sure, but I think this is a first for the JPPA. I've seen some of the photos of the last couple of JPC events, and it looked like the Ueno room was packed full of players. There's been a pretty reasonable growth in the number of local players this year, so the new restriction is probably a practical one since there will not be enough room for everyone to play!

    This is pretty cool.

    There will also be several special overseas guests participating in the JPC. Linda Johnson, Jan Fisher, and Mark Gregorich, all from Card Player Magazine, will be attending. I'm sure they'll be trying to wrest the JPC title from the locals, but Bluejay and the others will not make it easy for them!

    Prizes for the winner are not specified, other than a specially crafted gold bracelet for the event. It's not certain yet, but Inside Poker may also film the event for later broadcast in the states, too.

    Damn. Guess it is time to work on my NL tournament skills so I have a shot at playing in this. 10,000 yen is, in one sense, not a huge amount of money for me, but the most I've paid for a tournament entry so far is about 3000yen, or around $20 online. First I would have to win a seat in the satellite, though, and that is far from certain. But it'll be fun to try! Time to finish reading Harrington, then play, then reread, then play some more. Those 2006 goals for my limit play may have to wait a while.
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