Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Reading Harrington On Holdem, Volume II to try to work a bit on my NL tournament skills, and came across this bit in one of the problems:

Hand 9-26
(Nine players are at the table, with stacks ranging from $50 to $2210)

Blinds: $50/$100
Pot: $150

Situation: An hour into a single-table satellite tournament.

Whoa, where the heck in Harrington playing? An hour into a single table tourney and only one player has been knocked out, and the blinds are only at $50/$100? Damn, every SNG I play in is over in an hour!

I tried one of the $2 tournaments on Party when I got home from work yesterday. 876 people entered, and the top 90 spots paid. I busted out after 90 minutes or so in 171st. This was better than I was expecting, actually, but it did highlight one of my problems with tournaments - patience. After an hour and a half I got restless and impatient and made a stupid call and got knocked out. Maybe if I am going to work on tournament play I should stick to 3-table MTTs or SNGs - those will be about the size of the live tournaments I normally play here in Tokyo.

Back to my Harrington study.

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