Monday, January 02, 2006

Inside Poker

I found an entry on Bluejay's blog after getting back into Tokyo, that Inside Poker came to the JPPA on the 31st to film a segment to be shown on TV in the US. Damn, I would have liked to be there for that, to be the token white guy if nothing else.

But the 31st was the day we flew back into Tokyo, and I didn't even get back home until 6pm and was in no shape to go out afterwards. Damn. I guess I'll have to watch the web site to see if they put up the video sometime.

I found that the JPPA also put up a copy of the Japanese newspaper interview with Tony G from when he visited. And in the photo with the article... there I was! Sitting to Tony's left! It must have been taken a few minutes before I made the ill-advised call to his all-in with A-T against his A-J. I'm also hunched over and with a goofy look on my face. Which is probably pretty representative for me, come to think of it.

Maybe I better hold off on further media appearances.

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