Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Not Yet

The timing is right - just as I clear out my debt from playing $1/$2 and was planning to move back up to $2/$4, they bring up (almost in passing) the question about when you should consider moving up in limits on Card Club. Sean directed listeners to go check the 2+2 forums for discussion and ideas on this issue, so I did so.

I found a very interesting thread there about the merits of playing $.50/$1, 1/2 full, and 1/2 6-max, which gave me some food for thought. They also mentioned the figure of making around 300BB at a given limit before considering moving up - it sounds like the 300BB figure is a round figure that most can live with.

I'm not keen on dropping down to .50/1 again, but it does seem to be a good idea to be certain I can really make a profit at these limits in the long run before moving up to a higher limit. So in the spirit of making new year goals, I'll go along with it.

So this year, 2006, I will:
  • Clear a profit of 300BB at 1/2 Full
  • Clear a profit of 300BB at 1/2 6-Max
  • Move my regular play to 2/4.

    This actually doesn't seem like a very aggressive goal set to me. But I usually play about 10 hours a week - if I assume I can profit 1 BB per hour, then I'll need 30 weeks of play to clear each of the 1/2 levels! Looks like it might be a long year of grinding for me.
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