Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Here it comes...

Typhoon number 7 (a.k.a. "Typhoon Banyan") is barrelling down on the Tokyo area from the south. High winds, huge waves, heavy blowing rains... love it! But Tokyoites tend to freak out when one hits. If you're not careful, you can get stranded when the trains shut down. So many companies sent some or all of their employees home early today, especially if they lived a long ways from the office and so were more vulnerable to train delays and cancellations getting them stuck somewhere.

I, however, am on early shift at my workplace, which is 730am to 430pm, so I stuck around to my normal time and headed home. I only got partially soaked on my walk home from the train station, so the real fun is yet to get here.

I like that the Japanese just number the typhoons each year instead of naming them. I don't really care what the goddamn storm's name is, just whether or not I can make it home and park in front of the tv or computer and wait it out while the rains pelt the windows until the next day. I think it only really matters if they cause huge damages or kill your cousin because they were stupid enough to go down to the pier at the height of the storm to watch the 30 foot waves pelt the docks. Something fucks you up, you want a name on it instead of a number, I guess.

So I got home at my regular time and fired up Empire to try to kill off those nagging red numbers in Poker Tracker next to "$100 NL". That Royale with Cheese yesterday took care of most of it, and maybe typhoons are good luck or something because I cleared another $30 in 14 minutes to push me into the green. I just want a lot of green categories in PT to make me feel like a poker success, is that so much to ask?

So taking a quick blog break before deciding how to proceed. Back to the 6-player tables I prefer? Or take another crack at the limit tables, where I have been struggling? Where's that Iggy uberpost to distract me when I need it so I don't have to make this decision?

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