Sunday, July 10, 2005

She's there, all right!

Just found a photo over at Tao Of Poker - yep, Japanese talent girl is there!

Be sure to check out Dr. Pauly's kickass live coverage of the WSOP at Tao Of Poker. The photos are part of FlipChip's 2005 WSOP Photo Gallery and he's got some amazing shots in there. I doubt they saw my previous comment about this girl being there, so I am assuming it was just coincidence they got a shot of her and posted it. I guess she does stand out.

I also found out that her name is Satoh Tamao (family name first), so Pauly or someone could probably score some points with her by going and introducing himself and knowing who she is and that she's from a Japanese variety show. I don't know if she speaks any English, though.


stonz said...

whoohoo... followup episode! ha! great.

James said...

I've set up my system to tape the show every week, so I'll have it when they do the followup. Nothing yet though. Stay tuned!