Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Played for about an hour and a half after work this evening, which is my regular habit at this point.

Poker Tracker has those summary statistics for each type of game you have played - i.e. "$1/$2", "$50 NL (6 players)", etc. I have some red values for the overall win/loss for some of the game types, which kind of annoys me. I started on 10-seat limit games, tried to work my way up in the limits, and eventually switched to NL games. NL worked better for me, being able to choose the size of bets and raises to drive out drawers or make decisions difficult for opponents. Six player tables also worked better for me than ten player tables. I think I just found it easier to keep track of 5 opponents and track their play styles.

I've made my profits largely on 6-player NL tables. My stats for the 10-player limit and NL tables show a good deal of red. So I have been trying to bring up some of the categories into the green before I abandon those games for the games I prefer.

I figured I would start with the ten player NL tables - I show about a $19 loss each on the $50 and $100 NL tables, so I was hoping I could clear those and then go spend some time on the limit tables. Today I spent that 90 minutes on two $50 NL tables, but only got down to a $1.47 overall loss. So I cut my loss by around $18 in 1.5 hours. As an hourly rate, that's about $12/hour - better than McDonalds, I suppose, but way below my day job. I won't be turning poker pro anytime soon, looks like.

I'd really like to bring these two games unto the black and then turn my attention to limit games again. I spent a lot of time recently playing three limit tables at once trying to clear the recent Empire Poker reload bonus. It was a hell of a lot of grinding for an uninspiring bonus - not sure why I busted my ass for it. But I did find that after a month or so playing NL I found it a lot easier to play aggressively on limit tables, when I didn't have to worry about risking all my chips every time I placed a bet. I'm hoping I can continue that trend and bring a strong, aggressive game back to limit, and get rid of that annoying red.

But first I gotta win that $20.47. Blah. Tomorrow.

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