Wednesday, July 27, 2005


The day after a typhoon is usually gorgeous. The wind and rains suddenly disappear once the thing is past, but their blowing and battering knock down and push away most of the crap in the Tokyo air. (Which is not too bad to begin with for such a big city. The last time I was in San Jose my heart nearly stopped when I saw what passes for air there. "Jesus, I guess I have to stop giving Los Angeles people crap," was my first thought.)

True to form, today the sun is shining down and the skies are blue and clear. And my girlfriend hates typhoons - what is her problem?

On the other hand, no more limit holdem for me until I get some sort of clue. The Red Line continues to taunt me and will be taunting for long days to come at this rate. I broke out the Lee Jones and am re-reading now.

Working theory is that I have become too used to being able to bet out larger amounts to force out players on unlikely draws, and I have not figured out how to deal with low limit Party tables yet, where that just doesn't seem to happen. Back to the books.

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