Friday, August 12, 2005

Blackjack distraction

As if chasing poker bonuses weren't enough for me, I saw references to BonusBug and found out about bonus plans from online casino game sites. Since I used to be a fairly frequent blackjack player, I decided to give this a try for some free money.

After about an hour and a half of play, I'm about halfway through clearing a $100 bonus on StarLuck Casino, and I'm even currently ahead about $30. If I can stay even from here, then it'll be about 3 hours of play to make $130 of bonus money and profit. Not a bad rate for a few hours of near-mindless mouse clicking.

The money will just go back into the poker bankroll, since I don't want to put any "real" money into it after I withdrew it and have been playing with profits. Strange how my brain works sometimes. Doesn't bother me to spend 10 hours grinding through a poker bonus to clear the same amount of money I would make with two hours of "real work". But I've pretty much learned to let my brain have its eccentricities - they're not changing for the likes of me.

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