Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Didn't actually play any poker last night - waiting for a Neteller transfer to clear so I can put it into PokerStars for micro-limit 7-stud and Omaha learning.

Also converted PokerTracker to run with Postgres database instead of an Access file. I have long distrusted Access files, since a software project at Reuters I had to support used them and the software would slow to a crawl, we discovered, once enough articles were saved in it. Naturally we discovered this a month or two into using the product live, and the small local developer we used did the "hey, man, it worked fine when we sold it to you" thing and we had to live with it until we could get another developer to convert the product to a real database.

Converting my PT database took a long time, though, so I broke out Super/System and started reading the 7 Card Stud section. So far there have been a couple important concepts pointed out.

If you have a strong hand and you think someone in a late position will bet, check instead of betting and then make it two bets when it comes back to you, to force middle players to call two bets at once and drop out.

Hey, wow, check-raising. Think I have heard of that one.

If you have a marginal hand but a good card showing, bet into a guy showing more strength on the early streets, and then later on he will check behind you, fearing your represented strength, and you can get free cards to make your draw.

Oh yeah, getting free cards. I think I read something about that somewhere.

I'll make my way through the rest of the section in S/S, but so far I think I'm not going to come across any radically different basic concepts of play, so probably just getting on and playing it for a while will be the quickest way to learn.

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