Thursday, August 11, 2005

Two dollars!

I'll keep this short since it is dull.

Moved the $25 I made from the Party deposit bonus over to PokerStars, and checked out the microlimit games. Played a few minutes of Holdem with the $.02/.04 stakes and surprised myself that I was still folding crap hands when I should instead of going "hey, what the hell, it's only two more cents!"

Also spent a few minutes playing the microlimit 7-stud, and seemed to be doing all right. Made myself a whole twenty cents or so. As I did on holdem, players do actually seem to fold with bad hands, even for such trivial amounts, so it looks to be a good place to practice and learn 7-stud and omaha, and this whole hi-lo thing I keep hearing about.

Some time away from holdem is probably a good thing, too. Don't want to get sick of it or anything (though I can't really see that happening.)

Not sure what my weekend plans will be like - would be nice to get out to the card club again. Then again, checking the schedule, this week is 7 card stud and though I would like the practice and experience, it's 3000yen (around $30) for the tourney and that's a bit more than I want to blow on a game I barely know.

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