Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Cheap seats

Spending so much time over the last two days churning out low limit holdem hands to clear out that Party Poker bonus (I did it again! What was I thinking? I can't stop myself!) has kind of put me off holdem for a little while. I think it is time to learn some of the other games so the Live game at the JPPA doesn't have to accommodate my pathetic lack of variety.

I've actually played a little 7-stud and Omaha for play money, just to see what it's about, but aside from learning the very, very basics (Oh, you have to play exactly two of the four hole cards! Damn, and I had four to a straight in my hand!) it wasn't very illuminating. Nobody takes play money seriously, so I was just betting and raising with anything just to see the showdown and see who won. And judging by the play I was seeing, I wasn't the only one doing that.

To actually learn how to play, I'm going to have to play for money. But considering I haven't even become any good at holdem yet, I don't want to drop too much money at this.

I noticed at PokerStars that they had some extremely low limit holdem tables... like $.05/$.10. That's pretty goddamn cheap! And I remember reading or hearing somewhere (it might have been on Card Club, come to think of it) that despite the nickel and dime nature of some games, people can play them quite seriously, trying to win that 75 cents in the pot. This sounds perfect to me. Time to break out Super/System for the 7 Card Stud section and... Hmm, I don't have anything on Omaha. I guess I'll save that for a bit later.

Lemme know if you have any suggestions.

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