Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Slogging away

I switched back to .50/$1 limit holdem to try to clear out my measley 500 raked hands for the Empire bonus - I'm still only about 400 hands into it. I haven't been playing much - got a lot of things to clear up before the move to my new apartment!

Limit I have never been very good at. I've never been particularly good at No-Limit either, come to think of it, except for my keen understanding of the Bigger Idiot theory. But I have been starting to feel more comfortable playing limit, as if I am making the right plays even if the cards are not coming my way. Reading Lee Jones a couple times and then letting it sink in has helped. I think I am in my no-reading, play for a while and shake things out phase.

The Red Line in Poker Tracker still bothers me. I'm over $100 in the red for $.50/$1, though I did accumulate much of that when first starting to play and learn. Still, even if I get my game down to where I can win 2 big blinds per hour, that's like 100 hours of play to earn that $100 at this level and get that red to green. That's... crazy. But I do stupid things sometimes. (For 100 hours? Even that is pushing it.)

When the hell did 3rd Edition of Winning Low Limit Holdem come out, anyhow?! And why doesn't carry it? I just bought 2nd edition a couple of months ago, with no idea that there was a 3rd Edition existing or on the way. It is a little frustrating... kinda like when I bought this iBook and then three weeks later Apple did their usual announcement of until-then secret plans for new iBooks and dropped the prices for my model by $500. Thanks guys! At least this time it's only for, what, $20? I am getting off light.

Another Friday night at the Poker Bar is coming up. This time my friend and co-worker JP wants to tag along and watch. JP says he played a lot with his family was growing up and was quite good.... at 5-card draw. I have been trying to suck him into learning holdem for some time now, solely to have someone local to talk poker with, but he has been very resistant. Finally... the water wears down the stone.

Duke, the poker bar, has pretty much replaced my desire to go to the Ueno card room, but the "championship event" of the JSOP is coming up on Friday, Sept 23. If that weren't two days before I am moving! I have been tempted to go in just to observer and play like I am Dr. Pauly in training and live blog it, but now I will be too busy packing to spare the time. Bleah. Oh well, maybe next year.

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