Thursday, August 18, 2005


I've been assuming that one of the best times to log in to Party (and skins) would be in the after-dinner hours in the States, when folks have come home, eaten, maybe had a beer with dinner, watch an ep of World Poker Tour on tv and decide, "hey, let's give this poker thing a try again."

I wish I could be online and available at the proper times to test this theory. Unfortunately, prime-time in the states is noontime here in Japan, and I have a day job. By the time I get home and log in to play, it's somewhere around 1-4am in the States. A friend commented that this might be good because the players on will be getting tired. I dunno, that might be true, but my feeling is that the up all night players are probably more hardcore and know a reasonable amount about how to play. They may be tired, but they're not clueless.

I don't see too many European players - it must the the same problem in reverse. When I'm on in the evenings, it's the middle of their business day and the ones with day jobs can't log in.

Is there a softest time to log in to Party skins? When is it? I need to log in an compare sometime.

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dave g said...

your logic is sound, i find 9pm to 1am new york time to be the softest on party, friday's especially. it's been said you can find the occasional drunk and/or tilting stuck fish afterwards (again especially on the weekend) which can be profitable but tables can break up fast and i usually find sleep to be more long-term +ev.