Sunday, August 14, 2005

Party People

I really thought I would be taking a few days off from poker. Really.

I finished the StarLuck Casino blackjack bonus earlier this morning. Ahead $50 from play, plus another $100 for the bonus. Not bad! And sometimes I am in the mood to do blackjack instead of poker, just because you don't have to think much for blackjack.

But a couple friends of mine from a chat room starting narrating their ongoing games at Party Poker, I figured, what the heck, let's just open it up and watch their games. And man, they had some players at their table doing some stupid crap, and they profited mightily from it.

So as they called it a night and went to bed, I thought, well, a few minutes on the tables shouldn't hurt.

Didn't hurt, indeed. I spent about an hour on the $25 NL tables and made about $75 profit.

One guy annoyed me by making a $.25 bet into a $7 pot after the flop. Gimme a break, I thought, and bet $8 pretty much to annoy him. He called, and called to the river where his... pocket 3s?... did not hold up against my ace that paired on the flop.

Won another nice pot against two other players when I had QJo, and the board came 687-T-9. One guy had 52o. The other had pocket 8s and must have been pissed that his trips got overridden by the board straight. I had actually been betting out to try to scare them off draws - unsuccessfully too, considering the first guy. Looking at it now, I guess I laid a bad beat on the trip-8s guy. Oh well! If he had reraised me, I woulda dropped. His slowplay backfired on him.

Checking out the hand histories now, it looks like pretty foolish play on my part. Gotta watch that.

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