Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Not so bad

I'll keep the computer crap brief, I promise.

I went up to Akihabara after work and bought a new Celeron to replace my current cpu, which I suspected was going flakey on me from overheating. Tokyo gets so goddamn hot and humid in the summer. It's almost too much for a Colorado boy like me to take. The air conditioner in my den/computer room is essentially busted and I haven't bothered to have it fixed, so it can get pretty warm in there.

I bought the wrong Celeron model. They apparently don't even sell the pentium-4 or celeron cpus that my motherboard supports anymore. Sheesh, it's only about two years old.

But after futzing with it yesterday and today, the computer is acting a lot more normally. I'm back to feeling I can trust it not to spontaneously reboot on me in the middle of a monster hand, so I will let it go for a while and hope it doesn't freak out on me again.

I'm finishing up reading Small Stakes Hold'em, but I feel like I only really got a grasp on 5% of the concepts in there. I'm going to have to go away from it for a while and digest it, practice and play, then read it again, try to grasp another 10%, and repeat several more times. Once I finish SSHE, I'll either go back to reread the limit section of Super/System, or shift to a non-poker book (gasp!) for a bit.

Still, I did play for a while this evening (had to test out my PC, of course!) and it seemed to be helping a bit. Post-flop on hands that weren't obvious winners, I felt more comfortable judging what my chances of winning were, betting out to protect my hand, and staying in large pots where I felt I probably was beat but the size of the pot justified a call. I won a couple of pots that way that I would have just given up on before. Surprising what cards other people will play - I may have been giving the other players too much benefit of the doubt.

I only ended up maybe around $10 today, though, so haven't quite got into the green in the $1/2 6-max category yet. Maybe tomorrow? Here's hoping.

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