Monday, August 08, 2005

The JPPA card room

Here's a couple quick photos I snapped of the Tokyo card room.

The building is a small non-descript office building. There's a ramen shop on the first floor, which I think a few of the players used when they ducked out for their dinner break.

There's no sign out front - the sign by the stairwell door for the 3rd Floor just shows "JPPA, Royal Direct, Ltd." They're not exactly advertising themselves.

Standing in the middle of the room, I took these facing the front and rear of the room. Five card tables in this space, and 46 players this weekend - it was pretty crowded! The air conditioning seemed to be straining, but maybe they just didn't have it set high enough for the number of people who came.

These photos are from late in the evening when many had gone home or off to get a late dinner before the midnight game. So there were quite a few more people than this.

Wish I had got a shot of the bracelet, but I did not think to. Maybe next time.

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